About D-MOSS

The Dengue forecasting MOdel Satellite-based System (D-MOSS) is a dengue fever early warning system developed by a consortium led by HR Wallingford and sponsored by the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme. It will give beneficiaries several months advance warning of likely outbreaks of dengue fever. The system also includes a water assessment module that provides the additional benefit of improving water management.

HR Wallingford is a not-for-profit, independent research organisation formed in 1947 specialising in research and consultancy which includes early warning systems, water resources and climate change adaptation. HR Wallingford employs 250 staff and works closely with government and non-governmental organisations worldwide to provide the evidence-based tools to support decision making related to water availability and climate change adaptation across a range of sectors.

For more infomation on services relating to D-MOSS, please contact: info@hrwallingford.com.

Dengue Fever Forecasting Game

Click here to play the online D-MOSS dengue fever forecasting game. Control dengue fever in your local area and avoid outbreaks.

D-MOSS resources

D-MOSS has been developed by HR Wallingford for the following countries and can be found at the provided links. Each website requires that the user has an approved username and password.

D-MOSS Vietnam
Hanoi Cityscape

KL Cityscape

D-MOSS Sri Lanka
D-MOSS Malaysia
Colombo Cityscape